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You need … submerged repair may have iPhone (iPhone) submerged? iPhone(アイフォン)修理 池袋 東京なら池袋駅近のスマホスピタル池袋にお任せ!

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For foreign customers

You need … submerged repair may have iPhone (iPhone) submerged?

[2016.05.15] スマホスピタル池袋

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Good evening! Suma Hospital is Ikebukuro (^ o ^) /

Suddenly, or no longer tell one screen of the iPhone (iPhone), and when the power is no longer fit, I think you surprised.

Then, I think I think about why this happens.

A little while ago, how when you dropped? I wonder if while you are put in a bag?

Battalion you notice at that time, or have cracked on the screen If you find yourself,

It will also often consult the case that the power supply is or is no longer stuck.

When you return to the desk iPhone (iPhone) was no longer tired. There is also a case that I say,

Even over a forced reset, do not react also connected to the PC. Also consultation, such as the strange phenomenon.

(2, 3 days was allowed to stand, but seems to have been able to use Webbie the power …)


Among them, even those who doubt that you are submerged with or there that took water even a little

You may often. Whether the iPhone (iPhone) is submerged, the because submerged judgment seal of the internal body

Because it does not understand and does not confirm, the most part of who I think it is difficult to see in yourself.


Two on the body side, one on the screen side, there is a judgment seal of submerged.

It is around the red circle. This seal is a white, will react red when wet with water.

Whether you are submerged I know immediately if you look at the this seal.

The photograph is 5c, but this was not the determination of submerged.

So there was also a little wet in the water, but was Irasshai to worry about submerged,

Now restored in only exchange repair of the screen. Lucky is the case!

Professional shop Suma Hospital Ikebukuro of repair and purchase of iphone.
The cheapest in Tokyo and Ikebukuro!
During also carried expensive purchase! !
Please join us feel free to (^ o ^) /



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