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The secret to using the iphone is daily usage iPhone(アイフォン)修理 池袋 東京なら池袋駅近のスマホスピタル池袋にお任せ!

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The secret to using the iphone is daily usage

[2020.08.25] スマホスピタル池袋

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

The secret to using the iphone is daily usage

How long do you have?
It is said that the typical life of an iphone is about 3 years. It may be said that the PC is short even though it is said to be 5 years old. Actually, the PC shuts down by shutting down the power, but since the iphone is a mobile phone, the shutdown is rare. It is turned on for about the middle of use, and there are times when I put it into a nap state with the sleep button, but it responds immediately when I receive a call, mail, or LINE. If it’s 3 years (24 hours x 365 days), I think it’s tougher than a PC at all.

Sometimes I’m asked about how much I will have, but on the contrary, I want to ask how much I want to have. I think this will change how you use it and what you need to be careful of.

Keep a large amount of free space

The more free space you have, the lighter and more comfortable it will be. Do I have to vacate occasionally? When you ask a question, it is the same as tired if you live a long life with a lot of luggage in your hands. Humans may be so, but it seems that many people think that machines are different, but since machines are made by humans, it is almost always true. With capacity, it’s light and crisp. Stay as crisp as possible.

Do not use while charging

If you operate the screen while charging, both the battery and the main board will be overloaded.
The fact that the screen gets hot and doesn’t fix is a symptom that many people use while charging. It would be even worse if the charger was a quick charger capable of 2A or more. Please use the 1A charger as much as possible. The same applies when using a mobile battery. It is also one of the causes of battery expansion.








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