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Protect the screen with a solid sheet! iPhone(アイフォン)修理 池袋 東京なら池袋駅近のスマホスピタル池袋にお任せ!

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For foreign customers

Protect the screen with a solid sheet!

[2018.04.21] スマホスピタル池袋

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Hello everyone! ! A cheap, early smart repair shop in Tokyo,

It is a smart hospital Ikebukuro store for iPhone repair! !

Shock absorbing film
Since the shock absorbing material is contained, even if the staff hits with a hammer, I will not break the glass! ! !

“Anti-fingerprint mat” The fingerprints are difficult to be attached The feeling of smoothness of the smoothness also becomes habitable

Because it is a soft film weak weakness in scratches … I made it beautiful

iphone (Aiphone) screen liquid crystal is also spoiled if the film scratches are noticeable! ! !

Do not worry! ! Sumaho Hospital has “hard films” available!

 Strengthened glass
It is hard against scratches because it is hard! ! Because it is glass, it is beautiful! ! The touch feeling is almost the same as the original screen! !

A good and recommended draft recommended film! The appearance and performance are our best skills! ! !

Also available for iPhone 6 and later models well! We offer two sizes, “Full type” which can be pasted to the edge of the screen, “Transparent type” to protect the LCD screen! !

There is also an iphone case that interferes with the film so please consult the staff at the reception desk! !

I am receiving repair of iphone! !

Repair is basically finished on the same day!

We will also respond to your request “I want you to do something today!”

Please feel free to contact us! !

(Since it becomes an agency, when you wish to discount service or purchase,

Please visit “Shibuya Main Store” ! !





東京都豊島区西池袋1-29-14 オリエント池袋404

営業時間 10時〜20時(定休日:なし)※19時30分まで受付

電話番号 03-6712-7448

E-mail info@iphonerepair-ikebukuro.com

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03-6712-7448 お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 池袋 東京

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